How to Increase Seven-fold Average Annual Income?

ASEAN Economy: — $4.8 trillion USD, with 650 million population, theland area around 4.5 million km2, 60% of the peatland areas of the world, water, forests, oceans, soil, and173,000 Km coastline, 80% of global biological diversity and 65% of the world's coral species are located in the 'coral triangle'.

Amongst the ASEAN countries, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Lao PDR are agriculture-based countries. Brunei Darussalam and Singapore are the most urbanized countries in the region.

The scenario simulation of the OECD study revealed that Malaysia is likely to become a high-income country in 2020, Thailand in 2026, Indonesia in 2042, and both the Philippines and Viet Nam could become high-income countries after 2050 (OECD, 2013).

(Note- Thailand 4.0 aims at a seven-fold increase in average annual income of farmers from 56,450 baht to 390,000 baht by 2037).

Business infrastructure

  1. Primary business sector- involve getting raw materials from the natural environment e.g.

    mining, farming and fishing.

  2. Secondary business sector- involve making things (manufacturing) e.g. making cars and steel.
  3. Tertiary business sector- involve providing a service e.g. teaching, banking sales and nursing.
  4. Quaternary business sector- involve research and development e.g.


Business infrastructure and Industrial Revolution

The 1st industrialization improved agricultural textile and other natural resources based sectors (Primary business sector).

The 2nd industrialization improved manufacturing lines (the Secondary business sector).

The 3rd industrialization improved technologies to have direct interaction in between manufacturing and consumers. It was a great revolution in (the tertiary business sector). Ex- internet, www, apps or software's, or banking.

The 4th Industrialization- Revolution is building on the Third, the digital revolution andit is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines (Quaternary business sector).Ex- Artificial Intelligence, Research and development, business automation etc.

The 4th IndustrializationGrowth Potential highlight in ASEAN region sectors or industries wise

PTS Terbaik ASEAN demographyand region is rich with multiple natural resources like -metal, coal, gemstone, Oil and gas production or refining.We also have to transform and bring more technologies to increase our production and refining lines.

Commerce and open market places- build a platform to meet producer and consumer's to exchange good or products. We have a great market place with comprising multiple cities like Bangkok, Singapore, phanompheng, Hanoi, changmai, Jakarta, and more.And still we have to go long way to develop more commercial cities and market to promote business and trade.

Education —The average education % in ASEAN is 92%, with some of top most ranking universities in the world. Our Higher education system is strong but it have limited access by demography and finance.

Financial services- our research highlight the hidden fact about financial scurvies. Which has clearly indicate for having our own banking sector to support our currencies and financial activities.

Health services — in ASEAN region we also have to support our Health services and secure our people for having at list basic health insurance for having a healthy nation.

Media- We are in need of having a great media which can cover all ASEAN news and development.To have a common international language to understand each other business trade and culture. We have to develop people to people relation and cultural understanding and acceptance of each other's.

is all about Interdependencies for resource management, skill development, market development and incising income.

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